About Me


  • During one of my Cub Scout camps I had the opportunity to shoot a black powder rifle. I successfully shot a paper beaver in the butt!

I was brought into this world by my amazing parents back in 1974. There was really nothing unusual or overly spectacular about my birth. My parents and the doctors had no clues that there might be something wrong with me until I was a little bit older… My Dad was the first person to suspect that something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t kick or fuss about like most other babies do. My Dad took me to the doctor and after they received the results of the biopsy, they found out that I had Spinal Muscular Atrophy. At this time, not much was known about SMA. My parents were devastated to learn that I would probably not live much past my second birthday.

I’ve always been an overachiever. As you can see, not only have I lived past the age of 2 but I have thrived. Through hard work, a positive attitude, help from others, and some luck I have earned awards such as the Chief Scouts Award and the Jack Cornwell Decoration.

My disability has never held me down or limited what I can do (besides walking of course). I have been camping, canoeing, hiking, on a zip line, bowling, playing street hockey, and much more. I currently attend BCIT studying programing part-time and I work as a Quality Assurance Analyst for Ayogo Health, and building websites on my own in Port Coquitlam, BC with my pug Parker.

I’m currently available for freelance work. If you believe my technical knowledge and “can do” attitude could help you, please contact me.